Basic Powder Under Skin Type

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Basic Powder Under Skin Type Foundation (foundation) is the basic makeup. Therefore, it is important to choose the type of foundation that best suits your skin type. Appropriate foundation will make the overall look of makeup to be perfect.
Here are tips for choosing a foundation according to the type of skin taken from Essorment. Oily Skin If your skin is producing excess oil, choose oil-free foundation. This type of foundation usually stick or powder form, so that the skin does not look shiny.

Dry skin
Inversely with oily skin, dry skin moisturizer that just require more. Choose water-based foundation to moisturize the skin. Usually dry skin will be very suitable to use a liquid foundation. Wearing foundation stick or powder form will make dry skin look uneven color, because they could not blend perfectly.

Skin breakouts
Choose the wrong foundation will only make acne worse in the face. For those of you with acne, choose a foundation that reads "non-comedogenic" or containing salicylic acid. This foundation will not make the clogged skin pores and cause acne new.

Skin wrinkles
Many women who think that wearing thick foundation will hide the wizened. And that's very wrong. Wearing foundation is too thick, even more memperihatkan wrinkles on the face. Better to use a moisturizer before applying foundation for more supple skin. Then use a liquid foundation for your skin look more radiant. Use a thin makeup perfect for your appearance.

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