Families Not Want to Talk About Marriage Shandy Aulia

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Families Not Want to Talk About Marriage Shandy Aulia Aulia and David Wedding Herbowo held in Bali on Monday (12/12/2011) yesterday quietly impressed.

The impression that arises because of Shane's father did not attend the wedding. Shandy other family members who were reluctant to comment on the wedding. A family member who was contacted refused Shandy explain the truth of marriage of film star 'What Is Love? it. He is reluctant to be named was just asking for blessing beg alone.
"I can only say, please prayer blessing at all. Whether it's Shane married or not married, we just say ask blessing," he said via cell phone on Tuesday (12/13/2011). Players movie 'Eiffel I'm In Love', Shandy Aulia married today, Tuesday (12/13/2011) with a man named David Herbowo, coal mining entrepreneur. Sandy Aulia reportedly got married on the island of Bali.
Apparently marriage with David Herbowo Shandy Aulia have not been sanctioned by Shandy's father, Yusuf Effendi Pack. Shandy Aulia The reason did not make the event with a formal proposal before the father.
Shandy originally planned to hold the event in front of his father's proposal. But until yesterday Sandy was giving the news to his father.


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