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Shown Korean sexy star style Korean star appearance that always look perfect and interesting to make a lot of people interested. Starting from the Wonder Girls to SNSD, they always look perfect appearance both outside and on the stage. Not only amaze fans through the action of his music, style K-pop star is also starting to become an inspiration. For example Ayu Ting Ting who claimed to be affected in the Korean style berbusananya choice. Like what if you do want to look like them?
boss Wear a unique and simple tops with attractive images. Color is an important element to attract attention. Bright pastel colors to impress cute or bold bright colors that can be used according to taste. Often not enough to make one piece tops a perfect performance. Short tops above the stomach combined with depth tanktop tanktop or loose with depth in the inner layers are often used. Do not stop there, for the daily appearance, lightweight cardigans or jackets are unique to the last layer combinations Korean star style tops. subordinate The Korean star did not hesitate to show their smooth thighs. Mini became one of the keywords in their appearance. Either super mini shorts or short skirts are beautiful.

If you must use the pants, make sure the pants are tight enough in the body. Certainly since the average Korean star is so slender tights better than jeans and leather materials make their appearance more perfect. Colorful leggings are also a fashion item that is commonly used to complement the loose tops. foot From our subordinates do not jump straight into the shoes. In the midst of it there is still an important element of the stockings or knee-length socks. Remember, generally the colors used are bright colors that attract attention. Colors used can also be attuned to the accessories worn. 

Undo edits shoe Korean star never play in selecting shoes. Boots is one shoe that is commonly used by them, usually a knee-high boots. About the color of the stars who always perform optimally is never in doubt. Bright colors and print motifs often becomes their choice. 

For beautiful shoes, the choice of model or strappy strappy almost always be a mainstay. accessories Well this one is pretty important element in the style of Korean style. Hats, hair ornaments, belts are interesting, and great bands. Korean women are quite happy to wear hats and hair ornaments in everyday dress occasions. 

Accessories are making them look more cute and stylish. Overall, Korean women dress styles are always memorable, funny, smooth, and stylish. Occasionally they appear more daring and sweet character but still impressed. Although elements of fashion, colorful, there is always harmony in the appearance of Korean stars. Especially those who are members of the band. 

Appearance of all the members always look harmonious and highlight the character of each. They also only use a few colors and patterns to make it look more harmonious and simple. For special occasions like the show, glamor dominate their appearance. 

Korean star style style could not be applied a half-half. In addition to clothing, hairstyle and make-up also should always support the appearance. Korean women are known total to always try to look my best. 
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