Aurelie Moeremans Tomat

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Aurelie Moeremans Tomat Excuse me to the Mall Same Parents. Moeremans artist Aurelie tells teens secretly married the silence with her boyfriend, Roby Termonti. We want to get married, he said goodbye to her parents will go to the mall.

"Actually the process is magical, I told you in the mama going to the mall continues to be picked up at the Plaza Semanggi, Roby our home for a while," said Aurelie to detikhot, Thursday (01/12/2011). "Grooming cepet-cepet pake really simple dress deh continue wedlock, it's not a wedding dress but still worth it," he said again detailing.

Weddings held in the Catholic Church Mardi Yuana, Cibinong, West Java. The procession was attended only modest Robi family and close friends. "Two decades oranglah its content may be the same friend Roby family. After marriage I had time to go home to mama's house waiting for a letter a few weeks down the church, after that just love to know mama," said Aurelie.


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