Before marriage, Aurelie Moeremans Kidnapped

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Before marriage, Aurelie Moeremans Kidnapped Jakarta artist Aurelie Moeremans has officially become the wife of Roby Tremonti on October 10, 2011. Any word, previously kidnapped Aurelie Roby for two years. Really?

Previously Aurelie did not get the blessing from his parents to establish rapport with Roby. In fact, both also married secretly. However, Roby refused if practically kidnapped. "Not really kidnapped at me for 2 years, he never ran away from home too," he said when contacted by telephone on Thursday (1/12/2011).

Roby also asserted diplomatically, if indeed he was kidnapped Aurelie, why to this day he still free? Though he could have reported to the police and in prison. "If I kidnapped, why do I still at large?" he asked.


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