Shandy Aulia Can not Meet Expectations The Mother

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Shandy Aulia Can not Meet Expectations The Mother Shandy Aulia's mother, Elsye Dopong hoped his son is taking courses in law school. But apparently Shane could not meet the expectations of the mother. He prefers taking courses in fashion design.

"Mama got my hopes for the rich to the law, I've tried but the result is rich not my passion was not in law," said Shane when found in a press screening the film 'Border' in Epicentrum, Brass, Thursday (12/05/2011) night.

Movie stars 'Eiffel I'm in Love' was indeed time to follow the wishes of the mother to take the law school. But after a try, it seems he could not fulfill it. Even so, Shane claimed the mother was always pushing him. He was still given the freedom to choose its future. "Create a crucial Mama Mama I could see selesain S1," he asserted

and My father Shandy Aulia Want to Meet Her Again The existence of a second marriage does not always make a happily married family. This can be seen with wedding Shandy Aulia and David Herbowo makes Shandy Aulia rift with his father, Yusuf Effendi Pack.

Pack initially disappointed when Shandy Aulia did not introduce her future husband by using the event a formal application. But that makes the heart sick Pack, when he learned his son married without any news of the family.


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