Wedding Shandy Aulia, was sanctioned Father

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Wedding Shandy Aulia, was sanctioned Father Shandy Aulia artist had secretly dipersunting by David Herbowo in Bali on Monday (12/12/2011). The wedding took place without the blessing of his father, Yusuf Effendi Kiemas.

Kiemas asserted, he never knew that David had proposed to his daughter. Until finally, he felt no need to be present in the daughter's wedding. "I did not come. I have never been visited by her future husband. He never applied for Shane to me," he said as quoted by the tabloid Checks & Ricek. Besides her husband Shane figure also appeared to still foreign to Kiemas. He claimed to date do not yet know who the man who has been editing his daughter. "I also until recently did not know who David," he said.

My father Shandy Aulia Not Invited to the Wedding. Behind the happy wedding day Shandy Aulia and David Herbowo, save a lot of family conflict. Biological father Shandy Aulia, Pack Yusuf Effendi was not invited to her wedding with the coal business. Even the wedding announcements Shandy Aulia, he got from the news in the media. Pack did not stay silent, he tried calling the other children but did not get a good response.

"I was shocked to hear the news of the wedding. I call her brothers all, it turns out they were not picked up the phone, and do not want you to know," said Yusuf Effendi Pack disappointed. Pack not only who feels disappointed, it turns out from the family of David Herbowo, also did not approve the marriage.

"I'm disappointed wrote. I heard that information, too, of the men also did not approve the marriage," said Yusuf Effendi Pack.


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