Shandy Aulia Secretly Married in Bali

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Shandy Aulia Secretly Married in Bali Shocking news came Shandy Aulia artist who has been quietly removing bachelor status in Bali. Movie stars 'Eiffel I'm in Love' was dipersunting by David Herbowo on Monday (12/12/2011) at a chapel (church) on the island was.

The news came from the father. "I know he married in Bali this morning," said Yusuf Effendi Kiemas as reported by the tabloid Checks & Ricek, Monday. The figure of husband Shane is a man of Chinese descent from East Java. Reportedly, he is the son of factory owner famous book.

Women born 23 June 1987 that previously had planned to marry Dave Laksono, son Agung Laksono Menkokesra. However, in the way of their love foundered suddenly without any apparent reason.
"My mother can not confirm because I was busy. I can only say, please prayer blessing at all," said the elder Shandy Aulia who refused to be named, when contacted via telephone, Tuesday (12/13/2011) afternoon. Reluctant to tell whether his brother's blessing for marriage Shandy Aulia or not.

"Whether it's Shane married or not married, we just say ask blessing," said brother Shandy. When asked where Shandy Aulia, his brother admitted in Bali. "Yeah still in Bali, but we can not tell keperluannya what," he explained.


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