Shandy Aulia was sanctioned marriage

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Shandy Aulia was sanctioned marriage Shandy Aulia have officially dipersunting David Hernowo on Monday in Bali. After Shane's father, Yusuf Effendi Kiemas pernikhan reportedly did not approve them, came the news that David's family also did not approve of their marriage.

Kiemas claim to get information, David's family also did not approve the marriage. However, when questioned further, he was reluctant to explain it.

"I heard that information, too, of the men also did not approve the marriage," he said while talking on his cell phone on Tuesday.
Pack initially disappointed when Shandy Aulia did not introduce her future husband by using the event a formal application. But that makes the heart sick Pack, when he learned his son married without any news of the family. "I wish I was, a few days before the marriage that I met. Only my phone only and does not want to see. This kind of model," said Yusuf Effendi Pack when contacted via telephone on Tuesday (12/13/2011).

Since the marriage with David Herbowo Shandy Aulia, Pack did not want to again meet with his son. Nevertheless, the Pack still pray for Shane and David can be happy in their marriage mengatungi ark.
"I do not want to see you, mas. I've lazy. I just pray may she be happy," said Pack.

Although seemingly gives blessing to his daughter, he remains the best hope for Shandy. He hopes Shady can be happy with his household. "I just pray may she be happy," he concluded. (12/13/2011)


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