Aurelie Suspected Brain Washed

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Aurelie Suspected Brain Washed Aurelie Parents Denies Son Has Exploitation. Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection Seto Mulyadi (Kak Seto) smell the exploitation of film stars Aurelie Moeremans what their parents do. But the movie star parents' D 'love' was firmly denied.

Rebuttal was filed by Aurelie own father, Jean-Marc Moeremans, in electronic messages sent to detikhot, Thursday (08/27/2010). He said it Aurelie who wanted him to become an artist. "On the issue of exploitation, to allow our daughter to try a career in Indonesia, I allow my wife and children for more than two years living in Indonesia. I've invested more than 25 thousand euros (USD 282 million) for a career Aurelie, we do not hoping to get rich with it, "wrote Jean.
Jean did not know where they come from the issue of parental exploitation of Aurelie. It's just that they believe the news is not coming from her mouth. "Aurelie begged us to let him try a career in Indonesia. But my wife and I know that the issue of exploitation (money) does not come from our daughter," said Jean.
On different occasions, detikhot confirm the news about the Aurelie. Dara Sunda-Belgian descent confessed to never being forced to shoot by her parents. In fact, said Aurelie, he's happy with his activities as commercials and soap operas. "Never, I'm happy shooting.'s Great with this activity. Just do me a set schedule of work it mama," said Aurelie detikhot when contacted recently.


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