Story of Forbidden Love Aurelie Moeremans

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Story of Forbidden Love Aurelie Moeremans Still remember the story of forbidden love new artist Aurelie Moeremans? Apparently the story was not over even though some time ago Aurelie admitted that he had reconciled with her ​​parents.

Continued story presented by the father of movie star 'D' Love ', Jean Marc. Jean held a press conference at his apartment in the Area Semanggi, Jakarta, Monday (13/12/2010). Jean is still expected her to be brainwashed by Roby Tremonti, Aurelie lover. But the allegations have been denied Roby, in his opinion they both love story is sincere, no-frills brainwashing.
During this time, Jean and his wife have been trying hard away from his son with Roby. They were already involved two institutions, namely the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) and the National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA). But his efforts were not fruitless. Even Jean suspect Komnas PA led Kak Seto does not give the slightest rock to keep her daughter from Roby. Komnas PA even accuse him of exploitation of children.
"The bottom line though has made ​​a complaint, but so far no action from Kak Seto. That is the problem. Yes you might say (Kak Seto siding to Roby) in the absence of settlement and the expected follow-up," explains Jean. Until now, lajut Jean, his son was still acting strange. One son became contender. That he thought of the influence of Roby.

"One was that he was cheerful child, after being in contact with Roby radical changes such as prohibiting Aurelie met with his friends. He was to be no longer in touch with the outside world. He shut himself and do nothing, which was jolly to be morose," Jean said. So it's Jean intends to report to the police Roby. "There is intention to go there," said jean.


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