Full Toraja Coffee Tradition

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Full Toraja Coffee Tradition COFFEE Toraja has crossed to the famous cafes around the world. Tana Toraja is a mountainous district in South Sulawesi, is 300 kilometers from Makassar - the provincial capital. Although not as famous as the Toraja, the surrounding areas are also manufacturers of high quality coffee: Kalosi in Enrekang and Mamasa.

Toraja coffee mostly grown on small plantations owned by residents on the mountain slopes. Toraja people are known for being able to maintain a tradition hundreds of years old. One of them was the funeral Signs Solo 'which invites tourists at home and abroad. Just as traditional parties that the ritual has been going down through the generations, the processing of coffee as well as through hundreds of years old tradition.

This coffee can travel up to go international has also been through a long process. At first the Dutch colonial government knows that a "treasure trove" of this. They could open an area of ​​300 hectares of coffee plantation and named it Kalosi Celebes Coffee. but does not continue. Then, with the inclusion of Japan in Indonesia, this coffee bean was introduced into the country.

Only later in 1973, Vice President Hisashi Ohki, Director of Coffee Kimura, a Japanese coffee companies - come to Indonesia. He menapaktilasi Ballokan hinterland, Tana Toraja is a former coffee plantation Dutch heritage. He believes the Toraja coffee industry will bounce back in the international community if the infrastructure in the area to be addressed. Plus there is cooperation from the community. In the early stages, Ohki build a thousand hectares of coffee plantation area in Pedamaran and five hundred acres in Bollokan.

In 1976, formed the PT Toarco Jaya, the collaborative efforts of Japan and Indonesia, based in Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi's capital. Toarco abbreviation of Toraja Arabica Coffee. With the establishment of two state enterprises, then began to plan for planting the seed seedbed hundred acres. Local people were recruited for this project.

Two years later, Toarco Toraja coffee began to be marketed in Japan. Its ad tagline reads: "Coffee is now mysteriously back to life. " Sales exceeded estimates. And even to get out of Japan. In the region of origin, harvest coffee harvest gradually increased. The number of plantations were increasingly expanded. Initially, the entire process is done by the company: maintenance , picking, processing to delivery. The goal is to maintain the stability of coffee quality. So far, many kinds of Toraja coffee on the market, but there are no quality standards

In 1984, the Government of Indonesia asked Toarco submit samples of coffee beans to be used as standard throughout the coffee producers in the country. It's become one of the important points for improving the quality of Indonesian coffee industry. So far, the Toraja coffee which has not circulated through the standardization of quality.

If previously Toarco only made ​​for Japanese consumption, then in 1995, this coffee was sold in the country. Bakunys material quality equal to Toarco Toraja coffee sold in Japan. However penggongsengannya longer adapted to the tastes of consumers in Indonesia.

Now, with most of the existing standard materials, we easily find good quality Toraja coffee anywhere. In fact, local governments now are developing 1200 acres of land for development in Sub Sesean organic coffee and Toraja Rindingallo in the North. In other areas, such as Enrekang and Latimojong Mountains, will also be developed also a similar effort.

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