Know man from the beard

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Know man from the beard The men treat her hair with a variety of styles. Starting from the clean-shaven, mustachioed, bearded, until branching. But you know, how they maintain the appearance that reveals much about his personality?
Full beard
Style like this shows the alpha-male status. "With his mane, the lion preside as king of the jungle. So it is with full-bearded man," said Jack Passion, author of The Handbook of Facial Hair site was quoted as saying.

A man who has a neat beard, smooth, and sharp like George Clooney, is a person who has reached enlightenment. He considers himself has been at the peak of maturity.

However, this style also varies. Left to grow wild beard, long, and unkempt as the mountain man, may mean masculinity, shame, mania, or laziness, depending on how it is used, said Michael Ames, author of The World Beard and Moustache Championships. In the case of Joaquin Phoenix, a wild beard is the early signs of a change to the weird side.

Just like a full beard, goatee can be considered as a generic style to world class. Overall, according to Ames, depending on the devotion of a man against his face.

"goat beard is a mature style. So at the young man, maybe he wanted to prove something. The older man, she said, 'I have the right to wear this,' and to wear it he has to prove it," said Passion .

Short beard
The man who let shaving his face clean so that it looks like a short beard, it does look sexy. "Assuming that his hair was not the beginning of a beard, this style can say a few things differently. So, see the jeans she was wearing. jeans designer means she wants sex, plain and simple. jeans covered in oil paint mean he's an artist, may live off their parents wealth, "Passion analysis.

Bearded man suggests someone who has found his true identity. "Not to want to grow a beard, this man has started to let his beard grow to test," said Passion.
This style also looks okay as an accent for a short beard. "For the rebels and bikers, sideburns are the new goatee. Every man has it," said Ames, even starring Edward Cullen.

Shaped like a thin line that connects from the front both sides of the ear to chin. This style is one that terkonyol. According to the Passion, men with facial hair style chinstrap possibility of spending a lot of time for other things that are not less strange as well. For example, imported cars.
According to the Passion, the mustache is the one most difficult part of the beard, because it makes it difficult to eat, drink, kissing, and so forth.

"For a man who voluntarily take the hardest part of this game, it is a sign he was tired of the lack of challenge, let alone be part of the negative stereotyping that unfairly haunt the man with the mustache," he said.

But, not every man worthy of using whiskers. False mustache can make someone look weird look and hides his good looks.
Known also by the term soul patch, which allowed to grow hair just below the lower lip, are also inappropriate use by all men.

If used as such, this man must have liked the style of 90's. With other styles, such as whiskers for example, flavor-saver is an easy way to earn bonus points.
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