Lumbago problem

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Lumbago problem What other than back pain because the nerves, bones, and muscles Referred pain shipments or sources of the disease rather than pain in the waist, but the complaint was at the waist. Disturbance in the deep abdominal and pelvic contents terasanya at the waist. 
Disturbance in the colon can be felt at the waist as well. Likewise if the uterus disturbed. Bladder infections are also accompanied by lower back pain. Duodenum disorders other than uluhati accompanied by discomfort in lower back pain. The same thing on pancreas pancreas disorder, or abnormal heart aortic vessels. Back pain because of kidney stone feels pain in his waist down to the stomach, testicles, or pubic lip

The pain of lumbago shipment usually not assertive, not sharp, was in, and spread. By curing the disease came from, her waist pains disappear by itself.

Back pain often reflects the state of the soul. Heavy burden on the soul is often granted to the waist. Back pain because the soul, intermittent in accordance with the ebb and flow of thoughts and emotions. After having sex the next day revealed waist "like going broke", more as back pain since a troubled soul.

Back pain is increasingly intensified possible causes of bone cancer. Back pain intensity when lying down is usually because the tumor. Rheumatic back pain generally preceded by rheumatic complaints elsewhere.


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