Risk factors for breast cancer

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Risk factors for breast cancer Similar to other cancers, breast cancer is still ongoing investigation. Many factors can be associated with increased risk of breast cancer, among which are:

1. High exceeding 170 cm
Being tall is every woman's dream. But research is still ongoing, revealing an outcome that may be less so fun. Women whose height exceeds 170 cm turned out to have an increased risk of breast cancer and colon cancer is greater. Although the mechanism is not entirely clear, it is estimated that more rapid growth at the age of children and youth to make a change in genetic structure (DNA) in body cells that can turn them towards the malignant cells.

Recognize the early signs of breast cancer

2. Reproduction of a relatively long period
The period was marked by reproduksiyang hamilyang coming months or longer, increasing the risk of breast cancer obtained. Reproductive period is relatively elongated if:
a. Women earn first menstruation (menarche) at a young age (less than age 10 years). Menarche usually obtained at age 13 years.
b. Women who enter menopause late (over age 60 years). Generally, at the age of 55 years, women will experience stopping menstruation or menopause. In some people, can come at the age of menopause is more than that and some have more than 60 years.
c. Women who do not have biological children.
In theory, why women are experiencing the above items at greater risk of breast cancer is due to gain exposure to the hormone estrogen is relatively much longer than other women.

3. Pregnancy and breastfeeding
Women who give birth at older age (> 35 years) also have a higher risk of breast cancer. So also with those who gave birth and twice more. However, the risk of breast cancer could be reduced if the woman breast-feeding for at least one year for each child's birth. This is closely related to changes in the breast gland cells during lactation.

4. Women who are obese
For women who are least able to maintain his weight, said to have the breast cancer risk is higher. With weight loss, usually the body's estrogen levels will drop too. High estrogen, especially at the age of menopause can cause breast cells to turn into malignant cells. For the people of Indonesia, is said to be overweight if BMI> 23 kg / m2 and become obese if BMI> 25 kg/m2. Index The Body or Body Mass Index is calculated based on body weight in kilograms divided by height in square meters.

5. Alcohol
Alcohol consumption is more than one can of beer or one glass of wine (200-300 cc) may increase the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer. The reason is because alcohol can increase the body's estrogen.

6. Estrogen preparations
The use of preparations containing estrogen increase the risk of breast cancer. For that evaluation needs to be done for those who have used these preparations for more than 5 years.

7. Transcription factors / genetics
A history, like the story at the beginning of this paper, that one breast was affected by breast cancer would increase the risk of breast cancer patients get the other side. With a history of breast cancer in the family or even yourself, the risk of breast cancer returning is higher. The same applies also to women who had suffered from benign breast tumors are a type of hyperplasia.

8. Other
Other things that also increases the risk of breast cancer are: often obtain trauma / injury to the breast, had previous radiation to the breast (treatment of keloid / scar tissue), never gets old hormonal medication for infertile, had breast surgery or other means of reproduction, experience a variety of great soul shock of his life (divorce, can not be married, dimadu and so on).

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