Steps to Solve Hair Loss

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Steps to Solve Hair Loss Hair loss is a common problem experienced by every person. But sometimes, we do not know the proper way to handle it. In order for hair loss can be minimized, follow a few tips from eHow following.

Hair loss can be overcome in various ways, depending on the cause. Hair loss can occur due to wrong habits, wrong hair care, or the wrong diet.

Habits and treatments that cause hair loss
1. Sleeping in a state of bonded hair, making it wrinkled and fall off easily
2. Combing (roughly) of hair are wet. Wet hair becomes more brittle and easily fall out when combed.
3. With hair dryer is too hot temperature, thus making the outer layer of damaged hair, also break easily fall out.
4. Too often provide chemical drugs such as medication to the hair straightener, curling and so on, so make a hair more brittle.
5. choose a shampoo that does not match the type of hair.
6. Wash it with water so hot that damage the hair and makes it brittle.

To overcome the loss, you must stop the habit on top. Comb your hair before going to bed to reduce kekusutannya in the morning. Choosing a baby shampoo can also be an option, because the content in the shampoo is more gentle and mild. Making it suitable for those who have sensitive hair and scalp.

Alas pillow was also able to make hair fall out. Alas pillow made ​​of cotton fiber cloth usually have more lenient and allow the hair caught in it, so broken when we lifted his head. According to experts, the base of satin cushion proved safer for the hair.

Hair loss can also be caused by your hair too long and heavy, so the scalp is not strong hold. For the cut ends of your hair or changing haircuts with a shorter model.

Wrong diet
Hair loss can also occur because of nutritional imbalance in the body. Because the most common hair loss is anemia or deficiency of red blood cells in the body. To fix this, you need to eat foods that contain iron to balance the levels of red blood cells. Fish and green vegetables can be the right choice.

In addition, vitamin C also serves to assimilate iron in the body. You are advised to eat a variety of fruits rich in vitamin C such as oranges, strawberries and so forth.

Good luck!

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