Target Occupational Health Law

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Target Occupational Health Law : In line with the understanding of health law, health law is that all legal provisions relating to maintenance / occupational health services and implementation and the rights and obligations of both individuals and all levels of society. As a recipient of the health service or health service providers in all aspects of the organization, facilities, medical guidelines, health sciences, and legal and other legal sources.

The goal of occupational health laws are:
1. Prevent accidents.
2. Preventing the emergence of diseases caused by work.
3. Prevent or reduce mortality.
4. Prevent or reduce permanent disability.
5. Securing material, construction, usage, maintenance buildings, working tools, machinery, aircraft, installations, and so forth.
6. Increase productivity without squeezing labor and ensure productive life.
7. Prevent waste of labor, capital, equipment, and other production resources at work and so forth.
8. Ensuring a healthy workforce, clean, comfortable and safe so it can generate excitement and morale.
9. Streamlining, enhance, and secure the production, industry and development.
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