That Doughnut Platter Protect Heart

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That Doughnut Platter Protect Heart: sounds absurd, eating junk food may be good for the heart as long as it is followed by a plate of donuts. That the results of the study. This is certainly good news for lovers of junk food.
Research shows that oil, in its own way, can improve the heart muscle and reduce the amount of damage during a heart attack. "This shows that high-fat foods have the ability to help the heart function," Chairman Lauren Haar Studies from the University of Cincinnati told the Daily Mail.

U.S. researchers then conducted tests to provide a balanced diet rats and other rats underwent a high-fat diet for 24 hours for six weeks. Then they monitored his condition when the heart attack.

Looking at the relationship between fatty foods and heart disease, you might think mice eat many fatty foods will have bad luck. On the contrary, those who eat fatty foods for two weeks suffered a mild heart attack category.

Most strikingly, mice that underwent the normal daily diet suffer a heart attack was 70 percent smaller than the animals given high-fat foods.

Given the relationship between fatty foods and heart disease, you might expect a lard-eating rats had done the worst. Conversely, those who eat fatty foods for two weeks really have a heart attack is the lightest.

The most striking, those who are on the fat diets have only suffered a heart attack risk 70 percent lower if compared to mice fed a normal diet.

Assistant researcher Jack Rubinstein, heart disease expert, said, "Now, after you've had a heart attack, will generally recommended low-fat diet, but we thought that maybe it was not appropriate."

However, he also warned that too many fatty foods can clog arteries and cause heart attacks. Thus, you'll want to keep balancing your diet.

Source: Metro TV News 


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