Want to HPV Vaccine Safe? It's The tips!

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Want to HPV Vaccine Safe? It's The tips! Since its launch on 29 June 2006, Human vaccination Papillona Virus (HPV) is treated like a prima donna almost all over the world.
Its presence is considered as a savior angel who is believed to prevent the women from the killer, ie rahin neck cancer (cervical).

Several countries in the world even call in a special way by making the HPV vaccination as a government program. The main target is children and adolescents aged 9-25 years or who have never had sexual intercourse. It aims for the future when they are sexually active, his body was protected.

However, some studies show vaccination in women who have been infected with types 16 and 18 commencing not effective if the gift is not protected by a valid and safe procedure, for example, still do pap smears on a regular basis or IVA post-vaccination.

Well, so is completely safe and effective, you should consider the following points prior to the vaccine.

Pap smear test or IVA

Indonesian Association of Gynecological Oncology suggests there is a pap smear test results or IVA before vaccination. If a negative test result atai not find abnormal cells, vaccination can be given. While women who have never married enough to do counseling in the doctor.

Do vaccines, if you're pregnant

Vaccination should not be given to pregnant women and nursing mothers not recommended. In pregnant women, vaccination can be given after delivery.

While women who have a history of allergy or hypersensitivity to vaccine components, need further consultations with doctors. Like other vaccines, HPV vaccine was otherwise conducted when the body is in prime condition.

Observe the reaction

Gynecologic oncology Consultants Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Dr. Laila Nuranna PhD explains the side effects of vaccines fair is soreness at the injection area.

"That's not the effect of the vaccine, but more due to the adjuvant in it. In order for vaccine reactions can be observed, once vaccinated, patients are advised not to immediately stand up, but sitting for 15 minutes in advance. It is also useful to prevent the things that are not desirable, "Said Laila.

Adhere to schedule

HPV vaccine is given three times in one series, that is the month to 0 (when first injection), the first month and sixth month. The goal is that the vaccine is able to identify the virus, if at any time our body is infected. Durability bivalent vaccine reaches five months, while kuadrivalen about 36 months. [mor]

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