What all back pain can be massaged?

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What all back pain can be massaged? Not all massage reduce back pain complaints, much less able to heal. If hip pain because bone loss, or pinching the nerve, or damage to the vertebral column due to the spread of cancer, with massage may actually worsen the damage to the bones so that the weight increase of complaints and symptoms. 
Only back pain causes muscle tension, one seated, one bed, one standing, and one walk, or resulting from the use of high heeled footwear, which usually become more comfortable with the massage.

Back pain is not eased by massage, or even worse, need to be wary of. Maybe not the usual back pain, and needs to be addressed so as not to be worse medical complications.

Damage to the spine due to the spread of cancer, at a certain level, can result in sudden paralysis of the body. Even though only by a small sontekan, paralysis can occur suddenly.
What's for back pain can still exercise? HNP back pain becomes a relapse after excessive physical activity, including exercise. However, the talented osteoporosis and hip muscles rigid because lack of movement actually need to exercise for the muscles, joints, and spine segment is more weak and thinning bones do not grow worse. Loin pain at the pubic bone joint damage is not allowed to perform heavy physical activity, including the type of vigorous exercise such as badminton, volleyball, basketball, and football. Swimming and bathing in the pool runs a more appropriate choice.


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