What are the true causes of back pain?

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What are the true causes of back pain? True lumbago centered on the spine or lumbar waist disturbed. (1) Most often because the wrong attitude and body position is not ergonomic. Pain is not good in the waist, usually forgotten when it is busy, the body quickly tired and unfit.
Usually experienced by those with less motion (se-dentary); improper sitting posture, overweight, lazy, and suffered mental tension, (2) There might be changes in spinal cord tissue fibrosis or called lumbago. Complaints can not be turned away when lying down, (3) Suffering from a young hip bone disorders (20 years) or ankylosing ankylopoetic; (4) False tendons in the muscles of the hip or pelvis fracture segments commonly occur in obese people, (5) Spondyloarthrosis deformans pubic bone. This part of the aging process. Often at the age of 50 years; (6) Arthritis sacroiliaca arthritis hip bone segment for TB disease; (7) HNP (hernia Nucleous Pulposes) or the process of softening and destruction of bone segments bearing waist.


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