Amanda Knox case

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Italian president tracks “complex” Amanda Knox case. Parliamentarian Rocco Girlanda, who's written a book in support of Amanda Knox, meets Italian President Giorgio Napolitano. A law graduate from Naples, Napolitano responded to a letter from Girlanda, saying he's following the controversial made-for-the paparrazzi murder trial.

The sensational murder trial of Amanda Knox, the American honor student accused of slashing her British roommate, has captured the attention of Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, the Italian press reported today.

“I am keeping track of developments in this complex story,” President Napolitano said through a diplomatic advisor. He was responding to an open letter from Italian lawmaker Rocco Girlanda. Head of the Fondazione Italia USA and author of an Amanda Knox book, Girlanda had complained of unfair treatment of Knox and co-defendant Raffaele Sollecito. They’ll return to court on June 18, Saturday, to appeal their murder convictions.

Girlanda warned the president that the trial could worsen relations between Italy and the U.S., if the unfairness was not addressed.  Napolitano’s reply stresses that he can’t interfere in an ongoing legal trial, but will keep up-to-date on the appeal. He thanked Girlanda for his work in strengthening relations between Italy and the U.S., sayinkg his efforts “will certainly help avoid confusion and misunderstandings that could lead to negative consequences, which have so far been avoided"

By Candace Dempsey


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