Behind the camera Casey Anthony trial

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Behind the camera Casey Anthony trial During Day 18, jurors actually got their hands of a piece of evidence, and a mother-daughter exchange everyone had been waiting for.

In a small plastic baggy, jurors passed a small heart-shaped sticker one by one. Juror number 5, an older woman, held it the longest -shaking it and feeling it through the baggy.

The sticker was found near Caylee's remains. Once again, Cindy Anthony took the stand, becoming emotional when seeing a picture of her granddaughter. Jurors once again sat the notepads down and kept their gaze on Cindy. But did they see her mouth “I love you” to her daughter when stepping down during a break? Casey appeared to be watching. Viewers certainly noticed it on Twitter, as well as Casey's reaction.

Cindy didn't mouth it again. Jurors actually took it upon themselves and asked to see the sticker evidence, writing a note to the judge.

By: Jacqueline Fell, Reporter


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