Do Origin Considering Body! this trick

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Do Origin Considering Body! this trick. Considering the body seem trivial. But, in order to obtain maximum results, there are some things to watch.

a. Always use the same scales. Each scale must be different, it will be difficult for us in determining the rise and fall of our weight. The period of calibration of each scale was different.

b. Always put the scales in the same place. Differences in temperature, air pressure, humidity, and even gravity will give different calculations on the same scales.

c. Considering at the same time. The best time is the morning after waking. While the ideal frequency is once a week.

d. Wearing the same clothes. Wear clothes as possible. Better yet, if no dressing to determine the net weight.

e.  Stand quietly while weighing. Even the slightest movement can affect the rate scales.

f. Make a note: to aid memory, attach a small note near the wall where the weighing. It could be tips on maintaining your weight, or a record rise and fall of body weight.

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