Katy Perry on Amy Winehouse

Posted by Fatimah Imah Senin, 25 Juli 2011 0 comments
Katy Perry on Amy Winehouse: "I Just Hope She Finds Peace. Opening up about the tragic loss of fellow music talent Amy Winehouse, Katy Perry has revealed how the sudden news has left an impact on her and her husband Russell Brand.

Taking a turn from "The Smurfs" promotional duties to a much more somber subject, the "Last Friday Night" singer took to "Good Morning America" to dish her thoughts on Winehouse's untimely death and how it has hit so close to home. "My husband, who's been clean and sober for almost nine years, you know, I see him working a program and working on himself every single day," she told during the interview. And I see how much work it takes to be clean and sober when you have, you know, addiction on your hands," Katy told during the interview.

Perry continued, "So it gave me a real gratefulness for my husband [Russell Brand], who got clean when he was 27," adding, "I feel really sad and I just hope she finds peace."


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