The phenomenon of musicians who died at the age of 27- Amy Winehouse

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The phenomenon of musicians who died at the age of 27- Amy Winehouse The phenomenon of musicians who died at age 27 is interesting to examined. In fact, contain a record titled "Forever 27 Club". Meanwhile, some are making the site named "27 Curse" or "Curse of 27". Is it shocking death of famous musicians at the age of 27 is just a coincidence? Or is there really a curse?

Mental health consultant who is also assistant professor in Counselor Education at Florida Atlantic University, Stephanie Sarkis, expressing an opinion on this phenomenon in According to him, the case in the science of social psychology can be explained in the theory of causal attribution. This occurs when a person or group attribution was associated with a particular cause.

Attribution is the process of concluding the motive, intent, and the characteristics of others by looking at behavior that appears. Attribution may also be directed at oneself (self-attribution) and the attribution to others. Sarkis explained, when there is a case of the tragic death of a famous, people tend to find reasons why it happened. They will try to understand it and, when it fails, then will look for ways how to be good.

"By the time a famous musician died young, we try to find a common thread to understand it all. Thus comes the term 'curse of 27'," said Sarkis.

According to him, looking for reasons or causes of an event that has occurred, as in "The Curse of 27", a form of self-protection. "If you have to go through the day with memories of a tragic event that has occurred, it would make sense if you connect the grounds or pernyebab event. It will help you become comfortable melawati day after day. Sometimes, we are not prepared to challenge the attribution-attribution , maybe not now or maybe never, "said Sarkis. Looking for causality, further Sarkis, can help give people a context as well as the ability to predict life. Making cause-effect relationships, whether good or bad is part of human life. Regardless of whether the "Curse of 27" exists or not, there are some things that can be considered:

- Most famous musicians, many of them claim to use drugs in the past, have lived well in his life for 27 years.

- Musicians tend to be very famous in the early ages of life. The risk of experiencing death of a famous young musician might naturally rise just because the famous musicians tend to be young.

- All the musicians mentioned above have a history of substance abuse. Joplin, Morrison, and Hendrix (and possibly Winehouse) either directly or indirectly, died as a result of using drugs. Drug use is at risk of health problems, such as death, regardless of whether he is a musician or not.

- There is a possibility, in the late 20s, drug use began to adjust the body. People who use drugs since their teens and early 20s begin to experience drug tolerance. They need a lot of drugs to produce the same effect so that the risk of overdose.

- Famous musicians tend to do things that are not most people. For example, the famous musicians tend to fly with a smaller plane. Some famous musicians, from various ages, dies in small plane crash.

- There are a number of musicians who died at the age of 21, but there are no "Curse of 21". One could argue that they are not as famous as the musicians mentioned above. The death of a famous person (especially unexpected) tend to be more memorable. Therefore, we try harder to find reasons why it happened.

Causal attribution to help someone feel better by providing predictability to the world that completely erratic. However, attribution is not always entirely accurate.


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