Physical benefits positions Yoga

Posted by Fatimah Imah Jumat, 29 Juli 2011 0 comments
Physical benefits positions Yoga It is a well known fact that people want to look good and yoga can definitely help people achieve the perfect body they are looking for. Therefor yoga can:

1. Improve physical posture as yoga promotes different body poses which keep the body in certain beneficial positions. This will allow people with a slouchy position to correct their posture, preventing them from developing back pain.

2. Improve flexibility as yoga poses are very intricate. Advanced yogis can bend their body amazingly, working every muscle in their body and allowing the body to be more and more flexible with every session.

3. Improve digestive system problems as yoga twists and turns can have a very beneficial impact over the digestive system.

4. Improve lung condition and blood oxygenation as yoga also promotes breathing exercises. These breathing techniques can allow people to improve their lung condition as breathing fresh air can only be beneficial for each person. This is one of the reasons why most yogis practice yoga outdoors as this allows them to breath fresh air while they are exercising.


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