Pregnant admit, J-Lo's stomach kissed Marc Anthony

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Pregnant admit, J-Lo's stomach kissed Marc Anthony Miami After Christina Aguilera, now turn to Latin actress Jennifer Lopez to announce pregnancy. Whereas before, though a line of evidence is clearly showing her pregnancy, J-Lo keukeuh do not want to admit.

"Marc and I really was looking forward to (the baby-ed)," he said as quoted by AFP on Friday (09/11/2007). Movie stars 'El Cantante' was then gets kisses from her husband Marc Anthony. Not a kiss on the cheek, kiss on the belly but for the prospective child. "I do not think he'll talk," said Marc a kiss gets boisterous shouts from the audience. J-Lo announced her pregnancy on the sidelines of his concert in Miami, United States, on Wednesday (07/11/2007) evening local time. 

Speculation pregnant J-Lo blows wildly as she show off belly at the launch of his latest clothing line at New York Fashion Week, September 2007. Previous designer Roberto Cavalli has also leaked the pregnancy artist is touted to have the sexiest butt.


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