New Trailer For Jackie Chan's 1911

Posted by Fatimah Imah Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011 1 comments
New Trailer For Jackie Chan's 1911 Billed as Jackie Chan's 100th film, 1911 has been selected as a Special Opening Film for this year's Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF),

alongside the previously announced Official Opening Film THE THREE MUSKETEERS. The historical epic tells the story of the Xinhai Revolution that led to the overthrowing of the Qing Dynasty and founding of the Republic of China. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the revolution.

Chan said in a statement, 'I am privileged to have my 100th film selected as the special opening film for this significant year in which Japan has taken its first steps toward recovery. When a major disaster strikes, heroes arise who are willing to sacrifice themselves. 

So I hope I will never know any heroes. At this time, as Japan faces the aftermath of disaster, I truly hope my film can be of help to the people of Japan. I look forward to meeting you in Japan.'

1911 is directed by Chan and Zhang Li, RED CLIFF's cinematographer. The cast includes Jackie Chan, Li Bing Bing, Winston Chao, Joan Chen and Jackie's son Jaycee.


Wonderful Life because of God who gave this Life mengatakan...

Hai salam kenal ya, kapan filmnya disiarkan dibioskop indonesia ya? :)

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