Nokia C2 03 New Nokia Mobile Phone Dual SIM

Posted by Fatimah Imah Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011 0 comments
Nokia C2 03 New Nokia Mobile Phone Dual SIM, For the price, Nokia C2-03 will be released into the Indonesian market with prices ranging from Rp.900.000. So if it is satisfied the features found on nokia c2 03 please do not hesitate to get to buy it OK.
Nokia C2 03 Dual SIM Mobile Phone Nokia, For the lovers of the output product from Nokia is now again present in the market ie the Nokia C2-03 which is a mobile phone that features dual simcard, and Nokia C2 03 has a unique shape on the navigation screen that uses a resistive touch screen combined with physical and stylish sliding keypad, certainly very attractive to own. But before my friend bought a good idea to read a brief review that follows will aalil following.

The launch of Nokia C2 03 add to the long list of HP-featured dual output simcard sebelunya ever produced by Nokia that is Nokia and Nokia C2-00 C2-01. So it can be judged that nokia is meant to give the pengguanya a classy and affordable products for all circles in Indonesia.
Nokia C2-03 was born using the S40 operating system, and this means that Nokia C2-03 has not been included in the categories of smart mobile phones. However, the features in the implanted on the Nokia C2-03 has claimed a very qualified, for example, has the presence of Nokia Maps S40 can be used offline.


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