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Nokia E6 review roundup: What the experts think We've been spending a lot of time recently with the Nokia E6 recently and have been broadly impressed, both by Nokia's hardware and the Symbian Anna operating system on board. But what have others made of this E Series combination? Read on for a summary of expert opinions.

For us the Nokia E6 brings Nokia's usual peerless build quality and hardware expertise together with a serious touch of innovation: not only does the Nokia E6 bring us face to face with Symbian Anna for the first time, but it does it in a groundbreaking package that offers both a full QWERTY keyboard and a capacitive touchscreen for the first time.

It's certainly made an impact on us – and you can get an overview of all our detailed Nokia E6 reviews in our Nokia E6 Review Roundup piece. Here, though, we're taking a look at what other expert reviewers have made of the Nokia E6 in their own in-depth reviews.

Unsurprisingly, the Nokia E6's excellence as a piece of mobile hardware attracts plenty of attention. CNET comments that “the device is so robust we'd be willing to bet it's capable of surviving plenty of nasty drops – although we're not brave enough to actually put this theory to the test.” What Mobile follows a similar vein: “Nokia has always valued the importance of quality in the E Series range, and the E6 is no exception. It feels solid and gives confidence that it will remain reliable. History also proves this to be the case.”
Phone Arena focuses specifically on the screen: “The screen is without a doubt a highpoint of the handset. Delivering 2.5 inches of capacitive display with VGA resolution, it's one of the most tightly packed pixel bearers around, making for super sharp viewing.”

And what about that dual-QWERTY-touchscreen interface? Here's TechRadar's take on things: “It takes a while to adjust if you're either a QWERTY or full touch user, but once used to the mixed interface the phone is a dream to use, providing the best of both worlds with easy touchscreen navigation and the advantages of a physical QWERTY keyboard for text entry.”

The Symbian operating system continues to have its doubters, though there was no doubt that Symbian Anna moves things forward, especially when it comes to the improved web browser. Over to TechRadar again for a personalised speed test: “With a 1.5MB Wi-Fi connection, loads completely in 20 seconds, with initial display in 5 seconds, compared to 30 seconds and 10 seconds on the Nokia N8.”
Overall, most reviews highlighted the Nokia E6 hardware as the real highlight, while agreeing that Symbian Anna improves things on the operating system front. What Mobile, however, felt the result was a business all-rounder well worth a second look: “The battery life is strong, the phone is well constructed in a durable metallic housing and security is as good as any other E-series device before it. In essence the E6 is a fantastic all-rounder for both business and consumer use.”

Have you taken the plunge and invested in a Nokia E6? Let us know your own verdict on the latest E Series contender and the Symbian Anna operating system in the Comments below.

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