Zodiac Killer *340* Cipher Cracked?

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Zodiac Killer *340* Cipher Cracked? We have a major claim coming out or Massachusetts as a man claims to have decoded the previously uncrackable *340* cipher of the Zodiac Killer.

To fill in those too young to remember, The Zodiac Killer was a name given to a serial killer who committed several murders in the late 60s and early 70s. The name Zodiac was actually coined by the killer himself in several letters sent to the Bay area media. Accompanying the letters were 4 cryptic ciphers of which only one was cracked, up until now that is.

The Zodiac Killer claimed 37 victims although only 7 were ever verified and of those, 2 survived. His weapons of choice were either guns or knives. The only other cryptogram to be cracked was the *408* which detailed how much the killer liked hunting and killing people and how they would become his slaves in paradise after he died.

Now a gentlemen named Corey Starliper, of Tewksbury, Mass is making a bold claim. He says he has decoded the *340* cryptogram and by golly, I don’t doubt it. Mr. Starliper, who became obsessed with the case after seeing the film “Zodiac” in 2007 has been studying the case and working on the code ever since. It all paid off for him when he realized a connection between the number *340* and a location tip associated with one of the murders.

By: Scott McMan,07/26/2011.


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