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Superheroes & Movies Top Adult Costume Lists: Halloween Costumes 2011 The latest look at Halloween costumes 2011 bestselling lists reveals that superheroes will be back in action on October 31st. Recent reports indicate these costumes are already selling heavily, which could be a good sign for retailers as the holiday is less than two months away.
As adults look for 2011 Halloween costume ideas, it appears early bestsellers are based on hit movies or superheroes. A current bestseller for women is the Anime Wonder Woman costume, with a female variation of Edward Scissorhands also near the top of the list. The top selling costume for men as of right now is a "Top Gun" inspired flight suit. The female version is on the women's top 10, so many couples may be dressing up in honor of the classic 80's film.
Superhero movies will continue to boost the popularity of the associated Halloween costumes. According to PRWeb's report yesterday, the website Totally Costumes has just received its stock of Green Lantern costumes. These recent outfits were brought into the spotlight thanks to the DC Comics based movie starring Ryan Gosling. The article notes that females can dress up as Green Lantern in a costume specially made for women.

Couples could be going green to upcoming Halloween events for an interesting costume idea. With the economy in the dumps many retailers including Target, Wal-Mart and online sites are hoping for robust sales with Halloween. There's only a few months before Christmas arrives and at this point the economy needs some signs of life. While movie and superhero costumes won't save the day they could give some indications that people are spending the green again.


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