Sharon Bialek’s Herman Cain harassment accusations

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Sharon Bialek’s Herman Cain harassment accusations: Will they affect his campaign? (User poll) Herman Cain’s support did not appear to wane in a Washington Post-ABC poll released Friday after almost a week of reports about the fact that he was accused of sexual harassment while head of the National Restaurant Association.

And an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Monday afternoon showed that 54 percent of Republican voters “aren’t concerned” about voting for Cain. But now that a face has emerged to publicly accuse Cain of some pretty explicit things, with alleged details, can the GOP presidential candidate maintain his status in the 2012 race? Attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference Monday afternoon wherein former National Restaurant Association employee Sharon Bialek recounted details of an exchange with Cain.

Allred is well-known for “high-profile cases that bring as much attention to her as they do to her clients, and of doing much of her legal advocacy at news conferences,” the Post’s Amy Gardner wrote. She is also a frequent donor to Democrats’ campaigns. Allred’s reputation for involvement in political and other high-profile scandals could actually rally Cain’s supporters. Cain’s staff tweeted just before the press conference:

“Welcome to the campaign, Gloria Allred. What took you so long?...” with a link to a fundraising page of the campaign Web site. “Cain is about the perfect vessel for surviving just such a pickle, ” the Fix’s Aaron Blake and Chris Cillizza wrote Friday. But will the new, public accusations affect the resilience Cain has demonstrated? Weigh in below.


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