Jennifer Lopez at Body Dent Showcase Video Clips

Posted by Fatimah Imah Rabu, 14 Maret 2012 0 comments
Jennifer Lopez at Body Dent Showcase Video Clips Not Jennifer Lopez if it does not make sense. After a gossip while on Oscar red carpet, a few weeks ago. Now, JLo showing off her curves in the video clips, Follow the Leader.

JLo looked confident berlenggak swing in front of the camera. In the video clip, JLo's ass with a bandage memertontonkan dent tight black pants and black top accented silver. Location shooting this time was in Acapulco, Mexico.

This video clip directed by her boyfriend, Casper Smart, Even though it was JLo and Casper as a co-worker. But they do not hesitate to show affection in the second set in the video.

According to one source quoted by as saying, "They're dating and having fun. They are more open these days.


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