6 celebrity Aging and beauty secret

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6 celebrity Aging and beauty secret. Six women below are older than 40 years, but their skin is still tight and sound like a young child. Who are they and what is the secret of lasting youth? Consider the following article.

Demi More
The 49-year-old actress may be a more youthful after marrying Ashton Kutcher, a man who was 16 years his junior. But according to Demi, organic food eating habits also made ​​his skin is always soft and look younger.
Heather Locklear
Who would have thought that the actress once known through the television series Melrose Place is now 50 years old? The secret of ageless Bon Jovi guitarist's ex-wife is easy. He always uses as raw silk pillowcases. According to him, soft fabric cushion helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face.
Ida Lasha
Anyone not going to deny that this 48-year-old actress is one of the women who still look beautiful at that age no longer young. Yet according to Ida, keep skin beautiful and healthy was not difficult. No matter how busy taking care of family activities, she always took care of skin, minimal wear moisturizer, for always supple skin.

Soraya Haque
Soraya appearance still look young, though not much different from her age with her ​​sister, Shahnaz Haque. Soraya Though this year will be 46 years old. The secret of lasting youth he concluded with one sentence: you are what you eat. By eating healthy foods, body and skin will also be healthy.
Ira Wibowo
Marcels Wife is still looks like 30 years old. Yet this year he turn in to 44. Like many other women, Ira Wibowo also use products to keep the anti-aging skin rejuvenation. He is not fixated on the product expensive, an important match in the skin and is used regularly.
Cindy Crawford
Not only look younger, a former supermodel who is aged 45 years also had a more toned and slender like a young child. The body beautiful is the result of the exercise routine he did, while the durable leather case with the way his youth he was drinking lots of water to moisturize skin from within.


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