Hepatoma Liver Cancer

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Hepatoma Liver Cancer Heart has a special ability to regenerate after loss of tissue or injured. Tissue loss by any cause, quite quickly compensated and replaced, without leaving a scar that difficult. In the long-standing inflammation, tissue inflammation transformed into rigid connective tissue that mengisut, which can result in serious loss of function. This situation, according to the color (yellow-orange) is called cirrhosis (kirrhos = orange-yellow) is one basis for liver cancer.

Under the terms of liver cancer, as well as talk about the primary and secondary liver cancer. The first, which stems from the liver cells, called cell cancer of the liver (hepatocellular carcinoma). The second consists of a group of metastatic tumors originating from the parent anywhere in the body. We will first discuss the problem of liver cell cancer and after that, some general features of metastasis in the liver.

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