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Liver cell cancer liver cancer is 'normal' happens anywhere in the world, but there are endemic in native populations in China, Southeast Asia, and countries in Africa south of Sahara. In these countries, especially developing cancer in the liver of infected chronic hepatitis-B. The incidence (frequency of occurrence) in this endemic area, thirty per 100,000 population per year, is ten times higher than the low-risk country, a place where alcohol plays the most important. Intensive use of alcohol and prolonged in Western countries is always an important cause of cirrhosis and liver with the consequent increased incidence of hepatocellular cancer is not inevitable.
Primary liver cancer in endemic areas often develop quickly and be fatal. This is the picture that is marked by a determination in the diagnosis of a terminal phase. The more serious cirrhosis due to chronic hepatitits, the greater the risk for development of hepatocellular carcinoma. According to the Child this state was divided into three classes (A, B, and C) according to the seriousness of the disease, based on results of blood tests and clinical picture. Here, Child's C is the most serious.

Filtering, mainly directed at patients with cirrhosis Child A, through blood tests (al marker alpha-foetoprotein [AFP]) and ekhografi can produce a number of cases of early diagnosis.

The MIRACLE project (Magnetic Isolation and molecular analysis of unmarried disseminated and circulating tumor cells on chip), is a thinking formed by groups of researchers and industrial operators crossways Europe united to beat cancer. The European Union has funded this project with the goal of developing a system LOC (Lab – on-a – chip) which intends ” level to the goal: a system that is automated and programmed to detect tumor cells disseminated and circulating. With this system you shall have a cancer diagnosis faster and safer.

To date, the research teams have worked and are working to discover treatments and cures for new methods to beat primary tumor in the initial place. Unluckily, regardless chemotherapy treatments, primary tumor cells can survive and spread to other parts of our body, causing the development of so-called metastasis or secondary tumors.

For these cells known “occult “can go unnoticed for numerous diagnostic tests and spread to other areas through blood flow. Thanks to the project MIRACLE, these cells “hidden “can be recognized and go behind as both therapy and what happens to pathology. Presently, analysis of tumor cell detection is performed merely in costly medical laboratories, which take a long time (about 24 hours) to analyze and monitor them.

Thanks to the project MIRACLE such analysis shall be conducted in a faster and less costly. The project, led by the Interuniversity Microelectronics middle (IMEC) in Belgium, shall use electrochemical sensors to detect cancer cells before, and to extract their genetic stuff then, in a manner that shall amplify the markers to beat cancer. With this new project shall have a new cancer diagnostics and treatments tailored? Categories: Tumors Tags: Cancer, Cancer New Methods, Cells, tumor CANCER RESEARCH, FORWARD OR BACKWARD ?

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“Fight cancer”, “Beat cancer” are very popular expressions these days, and it is good so. Although October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over, one can still see many people wearing pink ribbons on their jackets, which is a demonstration of their will to help those women who suffer from this disease. And this is very much appreciated and should be acknowledged. Fundraising and information events, websites, donations, merchandise, advertisements all over the media, groups on social networking sites, individuals spreading the word – attention is certainly given to the subject and considerable amount of money is collected.
However, looking a little bit closer, as a cancer survivor myself who studied the subject from the most various resources available for public, I personally have some questions, doubts and reservations about these research programs and might be a bad person, but I did not donate one single cent and not intend to do so. Tell you why.
Fight. A key word when talking about cancer.
How do you best fight so that you win? You know your enemy. A problem – any problem – can be only handled if one knows the exact cause of it. This should be clear – how else do you solve a situation, if you don’t know what is it exactly? Let’s take breast cancer, it looks like this: each year $ millions are spent to find out the causes of cancer AND more importantly, develop new treatments. Let me suggest: treatments can be only effective when they target the root of the problem… “The exact causes of breast cancer are not known.” In fact, according to the publicly available statements, causes of cancer are a mystery for the medical profession.

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