The factors that most affect the safety in pregnancy

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The factors that most affect the safety in pregnancy is gestational age at the start of drug exposure. Exposure that occurred two weeks after conception usually does not result in malformations because cell conceptus at the moment so still pluripotent cells that die due to drug exposure can be immediately replaced with new cells. But if many cells die because of drug exposure, embryos can not survive.

This period is called the all or none when the embryo to die or live without malformations.

From the study found that babies born to mothers with a history of epilepsy but not taking OAE abnormalities during pregnancy have a lower frequency than babies born to mothers who use the OAE. However, the effect of pregnancy on the frequency of generation is very varied and unpredictable.

- OAE in breast milk. Perinatal lethargy, irritability, and difficulty breastfeeding associated with intrauterine exposure to benzodiazepines and barbiturates. Its use during breast-feeding may aggravate sedation and interfere with breastfeeding.

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