Prevent Aging With Ketan Hitam

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Prevent Aging With Ketan Hitam When consumed regularly, the benefits of a rich black sticky rice. Shh he said, could make the ageless lho.

Black sticky rice helps the formation of red blood cells and increase body resistance against several diseases. What cause? As it turns black rice contain iron up to 15.52 ppm. The content is nutritious for the body.

Usefulness repair damaged liver cells (hepatitis and chirosis), preventing disturbance of kidney function, prevent cancer and tumors, slows aging, functions as an antioxidant, cleaning the blood cholesterol, and prevent anemia.

Well, knowing the properties, the team Primera Pasteur Pastry Chef Aston Bandung black sticky rice was processed into confectionary is somewhat unique. Sus black sticky one of his creations.

The basic ingredients of black glutinous rice flour used to make black profiterole dominant color is black. Of course, unlike mostly eclairs white brown.

Behind the black profiterole delicacy offered a four star hotel in Jalan Dr Djunjunan, Bandung, is indeed at the same time offers a variety of benefits. If it's taste should not be asked. Come enjoy and feel the benefits.

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