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Piper Perabo works out daily for Covert Affairs role Perabo: Dedicated To Her Character Piper Perabo is a hands-on kind of girl when it comes to her roles. She works out daily to stay in shape for her role as Annie Walker on USA's Covert Affairs.

Piper PeraboPiper Perabo isn't afraid to take action on her USA show Covert Affairs, which returns for a second season tonight, even if that means a few bumps and bruises.

"I know that when I'm watching an action sequence and they cut away and they show the hero from behind for the rest of the fight scene, I think, 'Oh, the actor just left and now we're watching a stunt person,'" she told USA Today. "It takes me out of it. I'm willing to suffer the bumps and bruises to make the show really great."

Perabo, who became better known after starring in Coyote Ugly, is clearly convincing viewers of Covert Affairs. She stars as Annie Walker, a CIA rookie who was unexpectedly promoted to a field agent. The first season of Covert Affairs debuted last year and quickly gained a fan base.

Diving into her role, Perabo dedicated herself to getting in shape and learning convincing moves. She explained to Fox All Access that because her character isn't a superhero, but rather a woman who has to fight off men who are larger than her, she had to train in two fighting techniques. She added, "The training is on a daily basis."

All that work certainly appears to be paying off, as Piper Perabo looks great and the show is doing well. Tune in to USA tonight for the season premiere of Covert Affairs.

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