Music video by Jennifer Lopez performing

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Music video by Jennifer Lopez performing Do It Well. Jennifer Lopez (born July 24, 1969, age 41 years) is an American singer.

She is the diva. Have the ability versatile, from acting to singing. But not only that, he is also gorgeous. Who else but Jennifer Lopez, the sexy who entered the ranks of the world's 50 most beautiful women in the 1997 selection People.rujukan Magazine? Lopez, a dream has become the icon of the women around the world. His performance in the world of acting and singing are impressive. Indeed, women who have a lot of this ability has been the intention of becoming a top artist since the age of 4 years. He diligently studied dance and acting. It is believed to be a bridge to deliver a great artist someday.

Lopez's career started with the basics. He had to repeatedly audition to dance at prestigious clubs in Los Angeles. But the failure still shadows. Until, thanks to his persistence he then managed to get his first role as "Myra" in the television series My Little Girl. It was the first debut in the entertainment world. A few years later he acted as one of the "Fly Girls" in a comedy series In Living Color.

Actually, her career began to bleed Puerto Rico is brilliant when it acted as "Selena" in a similar titled movie in 1996. Acting in the film which tells the true story of the tragedy of the murder of a young singer idol of the people of Mexico, Selena. In the film, he also mimicked the style of performance with the voice of Mexico's idol singer. Once the similarity to the people who watched the shooting thought Selena Lopez possessed by spirits. The result, Lopez won the Golden Globe nominations and an MTV Movie Award for her acting in this film.


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