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AMES, Iowa-Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota won the Republican straw poll here last night, giving her campaign a significant boost while severely clouding the future of her home-state rival, former governor Tim Pawlenty. Bachmann, Paul soar in Iowa’s straw poll. Pawlenty distant third, Romney way back in event he didn’t contest.

Bachmann won 28.6 percent of the votes, becoming the first female candidate to win the informal contest in a state that holds the first-in-the-nation caucuses. Pawlenty came in third, trailing Representative Ron Paul of Texas, which is a severe blow to a campaign that has struggled to show signs of traction.

“This is the first step towards taking the White House in 2012 and we have just sent a message that Barack Obama will be a one-term president,’’ Bachmann said after stepping out of her blue campaign bus, where she had broken down in tears and hugged her husband for a long while after learning of her victory. “You’ve done it, Iowa. Now it’s on to all 50 states.’’

The poll holds no official significance, and with nearly 17,000 ballots cast, participants represent less than 3 percent of the 640,000 Republicans registered in the state. But it is the first time Republicans are formally voicing their opinions on the still-fluid field of candidates. The result often helps whittle the slate, sending a clear signal to candidates who should pack their bags and go home, and it helps fund-raisers decide which candidates they should get behind.

Candidates who finish lower than they expected often choose to drop out of the race if they are unable to show signs of political promise six months before the nominating contest formally begins.

“It’s a big boost for her, Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor who won the caucuses in 2008, told reporters. “Whoever wins or comes in second, they get gas for their fire. Whoever doesn’t, they get water for theirs.


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