Bachmann has used solid debate performances

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Bachmann has used solid debate performances and a spunky rhetorical style to energize supporters drawn to her devout conservatism. But the straw poll was a crucial test of whether she could convert the energy around her into actual votes.

“It’s very important we come back to Iowa,’’ said Ed Rollins, Bachmann’s campaign manager. “We have to come back and win the caucus.’’ Pawlenty had perhaps the most at stake, and, by most estimates, desperately needed to show some signs of strength. His campaign began with high hopes that he would be able to win votes using his everyman appeal and his experience as a conservative governor of a liberal state.

He spent weeks campaigning throughout Iowa, visiting coffee shops and GOP dinners. He hired a top-rate team of consultants in the state and committed to the long slog of organizing supporters and getting them signed up. He was hoping to use the straw poll to lift his profile, but he will probably now have to recast his campaign; some speculate he may drop out, though yesterday he said he would not. He garnered only 13.6 percent of the vote.

By: Matt Viser-Tracy Jan, Globe Staff /08/14/2011.


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