Cartagena, M Nazaruddin From Heaven

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Cartagena, M Nazaruddin From Heaven To Caribbean Tourism Tens Ton Cocaine NAME City of Cartagena earlier in the ears of foreign Indonesia. But once the news broke Nazaruddin M arrest, the name of a small town on the shores of the Caribbean coast that was the talk of many people. For the traveler, not an unfamiliar city Cartagena. The city is a prima donna in Kolombia.Terletak tour in northern Colombia, Cartagena is a tourist beach town on the shores of the Caribbean sea.

The beach is beautiful with bright blue sea water and the buildings of the Spanish colonial-style main attraction of the fifth largest city in Colombia. From Bogota, the capital of Colombia, Cartagena is an hour when the plane.
Is the occupation of Spain in the period gave the name of Cartagena on June 1, 1533. Not only used as a center of economic development as a port city, Cartagena was also used as a center of political activity.

Currently, a wide selection of accommodations for tourists from five-star hotel on the banks of the waters of the Caribbean to small motels in the district of Gethsemane who packed the historic colonial Cartagena. Residents there are accustomed to speak in two languages, Spanish and English, making it easier valued tourists who travel in this city.

According to the New York Times travel pages, Cartagena is a city for walking. Historic buildings to make visitors feel like walking in the area of ​​Morocco. Even one of the old city in Cartagena in as a UNESCO cultural heritage.

Other virtues for Nazaruddin Cartagena is probably the climate. Although it was far away in other parts of the world, Cartagena has a tropical climate which is almost same with Indonesia. With the humidity around 90 percent, the rainy season are common in Cartagena in April-May and October-November. In addition to those months, the climate tends to be hot and windy.

Besides the old buildings, the city is also full of museums to be missed. Museo de Arte Moderno, Gold Museum, and the Palacio de la Inquisición are the three major museums that keep the story from the Colombian artist artwork, jewelry, until the story of the entry of Roman Catholics to Cartagena.

The city was named as La Heroica 'City of Heroes' by Simon Bolivar. According to page, the city is now developing as the biggest port in Colombia. In industry, Cartagena became the center of the petrochemical industry.

Can not be denied, Cartagena is also still to clear his name as a place of cocaine distribution. On May 23 last, was found containers of 13.2 tons of cocaine in Cartagena. These findings are among the largest during the last years.

By: TRIBUNNEWS.COM, 10/08/2011.


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