M Nazaruddin: of Cartagena

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M Nazaruddin: of Cartagena Nazaruddin: 77 Days in Flight. Jakarta - Nearly three months M Nazaruddin figures into the public spotlight. His name was sticking out from the bribery case that dragged Pensions Athletes several names linked with the former Democratic Party politician is. Now, stopped his escape being caught. How to figure Nazaruddin?

On August 26, 2011 Nazaruddin future even 33 years of age. He was born at Wake, North Sumatra. Name Nazaruddin suddenly skyrocketed since a number of scandals linked to state projects that allegedly carried out patgulipat.

On the national political stage, his name also never appeared either through political statements and related opinion work in parliament. Post-Democratic Congress, in May 2010, his name had surfaced over the alleged rape of a Sales Promotion Girl (SPG) when the Democratic congress took place.

Since May 23, 2011, Nazaruddin out of the country. A few hours before leaving the country, Nazaruddin SOWAN to the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees Democratic Party Marzuki Alie. At first he reasoned to Singapore for medical treatment because of suffering from heart disease.

On June 3, 2011, his colleagues in the Democratic Party that is Jhonny Allen, Jafar Hafsah, and Sutan Bathoegana see him with a mission to pick up Nazaruddin to return to the country. But it's official mission was fruitless. "Nazaruddin still sick, he lost 18 pounds," said one team that went to Singapore, Sutan Bathoegana.

In the period May 23 through June 30, 2011 Nazaruddin communication with colleagues in the Democratic Party is still improving. A number of his colleagues claimed to still be able to communicate with Nazaruddin either through cellular numbers are coded through the service of Singapore or BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

However, drastic changes all at once dramatically shortly after the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) established herself as a suspect in the case of athlete development in Jakabaring guesthouse, South Sumatra.

Not only that. Not long after, Nazaruddin also examined as a witness in the case in the Ministry of National Education. So is his wife, Sri Wahyuni ​​Neneng also a witness in the case of the power plant in Kementeian Manpower and Transmigration.

Determination of the suspect that was not unlike a starting point for Nazaruddin to sing loud related lunge separtainya colleagues. Through the BlackBerry Messenger service (BBM) Nazaruddin accused colleagues. Started Angelina Sondakh, Mirwan Amir, until Anas Urbaningrum.

A number of countries that initially projects the public does not know to know. Call it Hambalang sports center construction project in Sentul, Bogor, West Java, which according to Nazaruddin Rp 1.2 trillion, it diigunakan fee from the project for political funds in Congress Democratic Party.

Post-singing Nazaruddin's, a top relationship with Anas Urbaningrum Nazaruddin. Chairman of the Democratic Party was finally reported to the police with Nazaruddin delict of defamation. Rewarded with the reporting of allegations that it became a symbol of political friendship breakup well as the business that has been knitted Anas and Nazar since 2007.

Since then, Nazaruddin frequent accusations launched the Anas Urbaningrum. Start a line with television stations to take advantage of the Skype service, video call with activists Perstalk Iwan Piliang.

Nazaruddin derived from the electoral district of East Java IV (Jember-Lumajang) is for a member of the House are said to have been a visit to their constituents. Similarly, in Commission III, Nazaruddin also never commission a working visit. "There was never a working visit to the constituency and the commission," said Secretary of Democratic Party Saan Mustopa.

Now, after disappearing for 77 days from the Fatherland, Nazaruddin finally arrested in Colombia on Sunday (07/08/2011) night. Armed with a fake passport Muhammad Syafruddin, Nazaruddin eventually arrested by the police.


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