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Best Gold Coins to Buy By Oscar Heath: Whether you are a casual investor or a professional dealer, investing in gold is almost always a good idea. Whether you invest in gold coins or gold bars the price almost always goes up. That's the good thing about gold coins and gold bars, it's always a safe investment that you can liquidate when you need or want to cash in on the money. The process behind buying coins and bars isn't quite as clear though.

First of all you need to know that you can buy coins and gold bars in a lot of different shapes and sizes. For the most part if you plan on investing then you need to buy in large quantities to increase the net gain from your investment. When you purchase in small amounts, the gold bars and coins will carry a higher premium above the base price, or 'spot price' of gold. And of course the bullion dealer or trader has his mark up to add. There may also be shipping and insurance costs when buying online, or mail order. This all cuts into your investment so buy in larger quantities, 1oz coins are ideal, and carry relatively small premiums above the spot price. The more you buy, the lower the premiums will be.

When you are buying gold bars this is especially true, you want the biggest size possible for the biggest net gain. Not only that but they are less costly then coins to design and create so they come at a lower premium cost. So if you want to casually collect gold then gold bars are not for you, but coins on the other hand might be exactly what you are looking for. Gold coins are great because they usually are valued higher then the gold they are made from. This is because of the collectors value associated with them, and the minting and production costs which go into producing them. The problem is that it's sometimes hard to find where to purchase these coins from. Most of the time you can find them being sold by the nearest mint and you will have a large selection of limited run coins to choose from. Regardless of which gold coin you choose to buy, gold coins are gold coins and a pure 1oz 999.9% gold coin will contain as much gold as the next.

All in all buying gold bars and coins whether as an investment or a hobby can be profitable. You just need to make sure you know that gold bars are only worth getting when you can afford larger quantities. Either way it's a fun hobby that you have a chance to make some extra money with, so make sure to look into getting yourself some gold coins and bars today.

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