Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins

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Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins By Oscar Heath: Lots of people just are not comfortable keeping their investments limited to cash, stocks and bonds, and when that happens the market for gold and silver bullion goes up and up. The value of gold or silver might be seen as relatively steady, especially in harsh economic times, such as the current economic climate, and if you invest some of your wealth in bullion precious metal then if the value of currency drops lower you can sell your bullion at a handsome profit.

For those that want to buy their bullion in coin form, Canadian maple leaf coins are seen as some of the purest gold coins in the world with a purity of.9999. In addition to beauty the maple leaf coins are seen as the standard for 24k gold coins throughout the world, and they are highly recognized when it comes time to go to a dealer to have your coins appraised. Additionally though, these bullion coins are a two-fold investment. The pure 999.9% gold the coin is actually made of is the first part of your investment, and the second part is the value of the coin itself. Whether it is as a collector's item or as a unique example of the maple leaf coin, your gold coin may in fact be worth more if it is older or meets a certain requirements of rarity that adds value on top of the precious metal it's minted from. The Royal Canadian Mint also produce limited and special edition maple leaf coins. Such gold coins are highly sought after, and retain a certain collectible value.

This insurance on just what an investment is worth makes gold coins, and especially the Canadian maple leaf gold coins, an attractive investment for many buyers. In addition to keeping some of your wealth in bullion form though, these coins can be used for short or long term investments. If the value of gold is going up then you could transfer a significant portion of your investment cash into gold bullion and then wait for gold to reach its peak before you convert that physical gold back into cash. Or you could leave your money invested in the gold and keep it in a safe for hard times, since there is a certain value that gold always has in the economy.

The Canadian Maple leaf coins are minted in weight of 1/20oz, 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz and 1oz as the standard sizes. Last year the mint produced a massive 100kg gold bullion coins, which sold for a whopping two million dollars.

All this makes these perfect for small and big investors alike. And the smaller gold coins make ideal small gifts for close friends and family members. A treasure which will be cherished and rise in value for years to come. All in all, this coin is a roundabout wonder that buttresses all investment options.

Oscar Heath invites you to learn more about Investing in Gold Coins. We really have a special opportunity to buy gold. The economy is slowly but surely showing signs of greater and greater strains. For instance, Greece, Spain & Italy have already faced a rapid increase in their cost of borrowing money. And to read more on the subject visit the BullionUK Blog

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